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What we do

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Web accessibility is a fundamental aspect of creating an inclusive and equitable online environment, benefiting individuals with disabilities, organizations, and society as a whole.

Doable focuses on the importance of accessible design for digital and social communications. We help companies move beyond the legal compliance requirements for accessibility in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our focus is on helping companies build their business by offering better creative & design solutions to the disabled community rather than just checking the compliance box.

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Doable has built, and will continue to build, its service offering around the capabilities and areas of creative expertise where high-quality talent with disabilities exists in the greatest abundance. Add to this a team of highly proficient project managers with a robust agency infrastructure and Doable represents an excellent client option for the delivery of design & creative services assignments.

The Doable talent movement includes photographers, videographers and content creators, designers, writers and developers.  

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Marketing to disabled consumers requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach that considers their unique needs, preferences, and experiences. Doable can help in the following ares:

  • Understanding the diversity within the disabled community

  • Delivering accessibility in marketing communications

  • Providing input and collaboration from the disabled community

  • Embracing Inclusive marketing

  • Using inclusive language in marketing

  • Educating & raising awareness

  • Engaging on social media

  • Providing research, data , analytics & insights for consumers with disabilities.

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