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Hugh Boyle - Founding Partner

Founder Hugh Boyle, seated with prosthetic leg

Hugh is a career long advertising & marketing industry professional with a  proven track-record of innovation & sustained revenue growth on both sides of the Atlantic. Formerly Global Chief Digital Officer at WPP agencies (OgilvyAction & Geometry Global), Chief Executive Officer at Omnicom agency (TracyLocke) and Founder of venture capital funded, software platform-based, agency start-up (Freeagency)


After a long period of ill-health dating back to mid-2021, caused by an undiagnosed bone disease in his right leg, Hugh became an amputee in March 2022. But, with a firmly held belief that every significant challenge life throws at you offers an equal-sized opportunity for learning and personal betterment going forward, Hugh has embraced his disability with optimism, energy and mindfulness.


Immediately after his amputation surgery, this quickly manifested as a deep commitment to make a positive contribution to the growing & vibrant disabled community, in whatever way he could, from that day onwards. And from this… Doable, the first creative agency founded & staffed by talent with disabilities was born!

Bob Wagner  - Partner

Founder Bob Wagner, stood, arms folded

Another marketing industry veteran, Bob’s career began with several years as a client, in sales  & marketing roles at both P&G and the Campbell Soup Company, before joining the agency world in 1990. He then led client teams for Joseph Potocki & Associates, Alcone Marketing Group and the Integer Group in Dallas, Texas. In 2008 Bob and a partner acquired MARC USA|Dallas and founded Nimble communications to deliver integrated marketing solutions. Nimble acquired Rainmaker Digital Services in 2017 to expand its offerings to include a SAAS digital marketing platform targeted to entrepreneurs and SMB.


Bob was born congenitally deaf in his left ear and while in college was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in his right ear. Bob struggled to accept his limitations, even viewing his very useful hearing aids as a gigantic sign that indicated there was something wrong with him. As a result, early in his career Bob tried to try to hide his hearing loss for fear that it would damage and limit his professional prospects: a response that sadly we’re still seeing today in a new generation of disabled talent, as we prepare to launch Doable some 30 years on.

Kathy Leonard - Consultant

Consultant Kathy Leonard, stood, arms folded

Kathy is not only an extraordinarily experienced advertising industry professional, but an entrepreneurial innovator of some note. Having spent a career in major agencies – and rising to the very top of them, Kathy left the security of agency life on a mission to challenge industry norms and conventions around talent & recruitment.


Her work as President & CMO of her own business Freeman Leonard has well & truly done this, something she regularly speaks, advises and writes about, see below: (

What makes Kathy’s achievements all the more remarkable is that many of them happened whilst she was also in the biggest fight of her life – a fight with breast cancer. It’s this, along with her depth of industry knowledge & experience, that makes Kathy the perfect consultant to Doable and CoDi Research. The battle to return to work after, or at times even with, major illness is a real one, a highly challenging one and sadly, not one our industry is best equipped to accommodate. Doable will work tirelessly accommodate it however - and Kathy’s experience both professionally & personally will be vital to our achieving this.

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